The Village Engineer

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This is the village engineer showing me the transit he used to survey the local road he supervised building. It’s a 10 mile loop from the main road, built for busses and trucks, to Yaku School, and back to the main road. The local road is built for tractors and 4wd. And motorcycles. How these roads survive and are passable during the monsoon I can’t imagine. Here are a couple challenging bits, – there are many such, and then a picture of the vehicle the road is built for.




The engineer is paid by the government. The government funded the building of the road. They released the funds when the villagers agreed on the route, and he had it surveyed.
This went on during the Maoist insurgency. Go figure.


He also designed and supervised the building of the water system. Brings water from nearly a mile away and stores it in this tank. It works. I’ve been drinking the water. Not sick. That’s different.


Of course the protected water source is just part of the story. The septic tanks at most of the homes are the other. These things were quite unimaginable 40 years ago. Then, people went to the bathroom in the fields. The ground water, and the people, hosted bacteria, viruses and bigger parasites.

Here’s a septic that didn’t perk. Will be filled in.


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