The village mill

The first video below is of the village mill. It’s diesel, and again, not charming, but women used to spend many hours husking rice, as seen in the 2nd video. What they are making is rice flower for pastry, for a puja or wedding. Rice flower can be ground at the mill, but for small amounts, they do it the old way.

The diesel engine is running an oil press in this video. Mustard seed oil is the main cooking oil.
He has to changes the belt to the rice husker when they husk rice.

The mill was built about 15 years ago. The current owner bought it 6 years ago and has been making improvements, like the oil press.

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I used to wake to the rhythm of many of these huskers, 40 years ago. Every house had one, and husking rice for the day’s meals was often the women’s first morning chore.

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