The Health center


They call it a hospital, but they don’t do surgery, set broken bones or serious illnesses. They transport those by 4wd to a hospital in Dharan, about 30 miles. They have to call for transport, and it’s not free, though there is a fund for the poor. There’s a Doctor, a nurse practitioner, and several assistants. Perhaps their primary work is education: clean water, hygiene, sanitation, hydration for diaria. But they have quite a lot of free medications, including antibiotics. Services are free. Staff is paid by the government. They are building a new building funded by local donations. The government pays women to come for prenatal checkups, and for delivering at the health post. All this is amazing.
40 years ago, there was a health post. One man. A small building. No medicines. And no one came. One of the most dejected people I ever met was a British Doctor in Dhankuta, a Bazar a day’s walk from Yaku, who worked for 3 years to convince women to hydrate their children when they had dysentery, without, he thought, a single success. Simple knowledge makes a big change in child mortality. Not a problem now.

The pictures are of the center, new construction, and a recent delivery being transported and accompanied by about 20 family and friends.
Every day I see one or several people being brought to the post on stretchers by family.






I’m adding to this post some more photos.





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