Traditional Village life in Yaku

Morning Chores

Here is the mother of the Telecommunications engineer you met in my 2nd post, – doing morning chores. She thought it funny that I would video her. But if you think about it, she would find it interesting to see us vacuuming the house, or mowing the lawn.
At the end of the first clip she says: show this to my son; clearly implying that the mother of a successful engineer shouldn’t have to work so hard.


Here is the proprietor of the tea shop where I’ve been staying serving breakfast to her grand daughter and a friend.

And here is my breakfast. “Dal bhat”, – lentils and rice. Odd how after eating this twice a day for two years, 40 years ago, this has, ever since, seemed like “real” food”.


And a fellow rethatching his roof.

So, much of this blog is about all the changes I’m seeing in Yaku, so I wanted to show that the traditional rural life continues. Hence this post. But even as folks here practice the traditional ways, they know those are going away. My remark, sitting on the floor in a traditional home eating dal bhat that in twenty years this will not exit, receives only agreement. They are not unhappy about it. They prefer the new ways. The sooner the better. I’m afraid I see the skill and value of the old ways more than they. The clay pots of the village potter, that I loved to watch throw and fire, are replaced by plastic and aluminum. They don’t miss them. Heavy and broke easily.

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